New York in Three Days: Things to Do

It is your first trip to Nyc, and you are just staying for a three-day weekend. While it is impossible to take in most of the thrills of the five boroughs in that brief time (lifelong NYC residents find something new every day), you can nevertheless appreciate a lot of the Town ‘s vital draws. Read on to get a strategy that can allow you to take advantage of your time—these are the sights and sounds you must experience before you leave.

Day One (Midtown)

Begin to see the Skyline

Nyc is described by its own skyline, and all city skylines are quantified against The Big Apple ‘s—the shape created by Manhattan’s buildings is nothing short of iconic.

While it is possible to feel this immensity everywhere in NYC, it is best experienced in the observatories in the Empire State Building and at Rockefeller Center’s Top of the Stone. (After you have loved the scene from atop a skyscraper, you may long to get a grounded vantage point that provides you with a wide angle view on Lower and Midtown Manhattan; you will find that on day three of the itinerary, when you cross the Brooklyn Bridge and possess a selection of lookouts from Brooklyn Bridge Park as well as the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.)

Walk Through Times Square

Times Square is where it all occurs. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days weekly, the glowing lights, big screens and bustling crowds absolutely embody the thrills of the city which never sleeps. For the best effect, visit after sundown—all that wattage will get you believe it is still light outside. Now that much of the region is closed to vehicles, you’ll be able to safely wander in the roads. Still day?

Give Your Regards to Broadway

Nobody does live theatre like NYC. Whether you are into plays, comedies or musicals, you will find them all in the Town ‘s Theatre District, where Broadway shows fusillade with eye popping sets, A list stars and, most importantly, pizzazz. It’s possible for you to pick from long-running shows like Chicago and The Lion King, newer smash musicals including Kinky Boots and The Book of Mormon and jobs featuring huge Hollywood stars. Every one of the performances present why this well-known NYC thoroughfare is becoming interchangeable with theatre itself. See the TKTS Reduction Booth in Times Square for discounted tickets to some shows, and scale the reddish steps for an unmatched view of the place.

Wander the Museum Mile (Upper East Side)
The storied Museum Mile truly quantifies a few blocks longer than the usual mile. No matter its own exact span, this Upper East Side stretch of Fifth Avenue might have significantly more culture per square foot than some other spot in the universe. Walk uptown to the modern and contemporary art housed in the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, at 89th Street. All told, the mile boasts eight world class NYC museums.

Go Wild (The Bronx)

The zoo’s more than 250 acres house 6,000 creatures representing in excess of 600 species. Architecture buffs will soon be impressed by the constructions here: Rainey Memorial Gates, the Rockefeller Fountain along with the beaux arts buildings of the zoo’s Astor Court are landmarks.

Those seeing the Bronx will find it is also heaven for flora fanatics. The New York Botanical Garden, found in a different section of the grand Bronx Park, is a National Historic Landmark, and its 250 acres are home to greater than a million plants. The garden features the largest herbarium in the Western Hemisphere, a distinguished scientific research plan and an extensive schedule of fascinating software and exhibits.
The Mets and Yankees both play in comparatively new arenas that juxtapose cutting edge conveniences with courts to NYC’s unparalleled baseball history. The plaques at Yankee Stadium’s Monument Park show this rich past with homage to every one of the greats—Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Reggie Jackson, Thurman Munson and many more. Citi Field’s royal Jackie Robinson Rotunda salutes the well-known baseball hero and civil rights leader.
The Brooklyn Bridge was the world’s longest suspension bridge when it had been finished in 1883. Though that record has long since been surpassed, the bridge continues to be an iconic construction and an inspirational sign of mankind’s power to devise and realize. The landmark additionally supplies among the very spectacular walking paths in Nyc.
Through the entire journey, you will take in spectacular views of Lower Manhattan and New York Harbor. At the conclusion of the excursion, ferry passengers are carried to the historical St. George District—house of the Staten Island Museum and the spectacular St. George Theatre, now in its ninth decade.
Observe American History (Lower Manhattan and New York Harbor)
For much more when compared to a hundred years, the Statue of Liberty, with her raised torch lighting the way to some better life, has symbolized the promise and chances of America. Looking upward in the statue within a ferry ride in New York Harbor still offers an emotional jolt. Additionally, another boat ride away is historic Ellis Island, with exhibits that commemorate the 1000s of immigrants to the City who passed through its famous Main Hall.

Come Back Soon

There is just so much it is possible to do in three days – so we expect you will come back shortly and investigate even more of the City. For ideas of more things to in NYC, see’s other parts for an indepth look at everything the five boroughs must supply.

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