30 facts about New York that may seem odd for foreigners


1. New York consists of only five districts, called boros, and is located in the same state. Boroughs are called Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island.

2. Only the Bronx is on the mainland, Manhattan and Staten Island are independent islands, while Brooklyn and Queens are in the western part of the huge island of Long Island.

3. All these islands are connected to each other and the neighboring New Jersey shatto by twelve giant suspension bridges and a multitude of tunnels, four of which are automotive. The length of many exceeds 3 kilometers, and the width of some is 12 car lanes. Through the Harlem River there are 5 regular support bridges.

4. In the city there are 7-8 million people. Half of them are in Brooklyn.

5. But in the so-called Greater New York, located on the territory of just three states – New Jersey, New York and Connecticut – live more than 20 million people. Together with Sao Paulo, Mexico City and Tokyo, Big New York is one of the world’s largest metropolitan areas.

6. Each state has its own rules for car traffic. In New York, there are only 8 signs of traffic and this is almost a record for the United States.

7. In the city of New York, cars should not be turned to red light. In all the other states, including the state of New York, you can.

8. Sometimes in the city of New York at the crossroads you can see the sign “After stopping, a turn to the red light is allowed”.

9. Outside the city of New York, here and there you can see the sign “Right turn to red is forbidden.”

10. Once, before 1901, Brooklyn was an independent city, so its inhabitants have their own name – Brooklynite, now forgotten.

11. New Yorkers easily cross the road to red light and do not care about anyone.

12. New Yorkers do not climb into other people’s business. If you are conscious and lie in the middle of the street, then no one will approach you. While you do not ask for it.

new yorkers

13. If you asked to help, everyone will immediately start doing this and, of course, call the famous 911 phone.

14. The police, ambulance and fire fighters immediately come to the urgent call. Arriving first immediately begin to provide the necessary assistance.

15. The first, usually a few minutes later, come the firefighters. They can do artificial respiration, take birth, and put out fires, of course.

16. Today in New York there are about 1200 firefighters. New Yorkers treat them with great respect.

17. On September 11, 2001, more than half of all city firefighters perished overnight.

18. All New Yorkers suffer post-traumatic syndrome in one way or another. At the mention of September 11, even in men, big tears are piled up.

19. In New York, the largest metro in the world. It consists of 468 stations and transports about 8 million people a day. The subway in New York is both underground and overground. He has his tunnels under the East River.

20. New York has plenty gamblers but most of them are playing only online – here is the link.

21. The East River is not at all a river, as you might think from the name, but the oceanic strait that separates Long Island from Brooklyn and Queens on it, from Manhattan and the Bronx.

22. But the Hudson and Harlem are just the rivers that separate Manhattan from the mainland.

23. In the Manhattan area, the width of the Hudson is about 3 kilometers.

24. Almost all bridges and tunnels in New York are paid. Today one way fare costs $ 6.50.

25. Manhattan and located in the middle of the East River Roosevelt Island, are connected by an overhead airway. Travel in the caravan of this road is absolutely free.

26. The huge ferries connecting Manhattan and Staten Island are also free.

27. In New York, the largest system of public hospitals in the world. In addition, there is still a huge number of private hospitals. And just a gigantic number of small medical offices.

28. The emergency departments of both state and private hospitals can not not provide medical assistance on the basis of a lack of health insurance. If you honestly said your name, address and social security number, then you will receive an invoice later. If not, then no.

29. But small medical offices will never treat you without prepayment.

30. A doctor and a nurse are two professions that are part of the twenty most respected professions in the United States.

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