30 facts about New York that may seem odd for foreigners

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1. New York consists of only five districts, called boros, and is located in the same state. Boroughs are called Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island. 2. Only the Bronx is on the mainland, Manhattan and Staten Island are independent islands, while Brooklyn and Queens are in the western part of the huge island … [Read more…]

Visiting Las Vegas Casino

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  The Mecca of gambling There’s a chance you’ve been to a real casino too. In that case you’ll know what I was talking about. There’s a buzz you get from playing in a real casino that is impossible to recreate via the internet. But better than your local casino, you need to go to … [Read more…]

Top Best Places in New York Reviews!


It isn’t only wealthy folks who can look at nice housing in this region. It also provides the choice of taking a detour and relaxing on the many beach resorts on the way. If you’re trying to find a home or an apartment in York, your best choice is to get in touch with a … [Read more…]

The Top Secret Truth on about New Jersey Exposed


Residing in New Jersey often suggests that you’re pleased with your understanding of New Jersey history. It was sometimes referred to as The Foreign State.” It is one of the most expensive states in America to live. You could also attend the many different events that happen in the vicinity of the cities of New … [Read more…]

New Step by Step Roadmap for about New York


  The 3 prominent newspapers of the USA come from New York. In nyc and throughout the usa, the dollar is the conventional currency. It is among the largest Chinatowns in the States. The Vegas Strip witnessed its very first topless show in the calendar year 1957. This restaurant is likely to make your day. … [Read more…]

How Expensive is to Live in New York?


It is no secret that living in Nyc is darn pricey. Before the typical NYC resident’s pay check even reaches the bank, she is shelling out a few of the best income taxes in the nation, with overall rates including 7% to 12%. After that, she is confronting a number of the least affordable housing … [Read more…]

Americans’ Love Affair With Cities Has Never Been More Powerful


The charisma of town to the youthful seeking inspiration and fortune and the aging fleeing indifference and isolation appears more extreme than in the past. However, is this love affair proving too hot to handle for some? The growth of cities is repeatedly linked to various physical ailments, from obesity to shorter life spans; to … [Read more…]

New York in Three Days: Things to Do


It is your first trip to Nyc, and you are just staying for a three-day weekend. While it is impossible to take in most of the thrills of the five boroughs in that brief time (lifelong NYC residents find something new every day), you can nevertheless appreciate a lot of the Town ‘s vital draws. … [Read more…]